Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Long time coming

She likes to sleep with the radio on
So she can dream of her favorite song
The one that no one has ever sung since she was small

She'll never know that she made it up
She had a soul and we ate it up
Thrown away like a paper cup, the music falls

Snorted some virus - check.
Muscle spasm - check.
Free drugs - check.
Family drama - check.
Major traffic back-up - check.
Huge home improvement purchase - check.
Got invited to a LAN party - check...?
Rocking the BNL on the iPod - check.

Two more days...

Won't it be dull when we rid ourselves
Of all these demons haunting us
To keep us company

Won't it be odd to be happy like we
Always thought we're supposed to feel
But never seem to be
- Barenaked Ladies, War on Drugs

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