Thursday, December 21, 2006


The birth of (link goes to SFW article, not the actual site).

We got our yearly "this is your condo insurance policy" from Allstate today. Among other exclusions (including "insects" which would cover the killer bees that Matt was concerned about), this was also listed under the Family Liability and Guest Medical Protection section:
Your policy does not include venereal diseases, herpes, AIDS, AIDS related complex, or HIV under the definition of "bodily injury" (see definition of "bodily injury" in your policy). This means that there is no coverage for venereal diseases, herpes, AIDS, AIDS related complex or HIV under your policy.

So basically what the department of redundancy department is trying to say, is that if you get the clap while in our condo, don't come crying to us.

But thankfully there's no exclusion for robots.

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