Thursday, December 14, 2006

She's not crazy, just a little misunderstood

So I had no idea that so many people would interpret "red cells" as red BLOOD cells, and asked me if I was anemic or not feeling well.

The voice in the Giant self-checkout lanes says "lemons" extremely pleasantly. Sometimes I buy a lemon just to hear her say it. Okay, not really.

Last week I had to explain to Nick what a "sugar momma" was. That was an amusing conversation.

I love that VaCo leaves me comments on MySpace.

There's a billboard advertising Adult Swim on my way home from work. What I don't understand is how a pink cube with a >:[ face giving me the finger (well, there's no other reason for a "censored" sign over your hand, right?) is supposed to make me want to watch TV.

I'm so static-y in the winter time that if I'm listening to my iPod while taking my coat off, my headphones crackle.

Matt came home with a giant box the other day and said that it was my Christmas present. I have NO IDEA what it could be, since the two things I cut out of catalogs and stuck on his desk on November 15th could both fit inside a shoebox.

We have just about everything collected for the family we adopted at work. It's a dad with two boys (mom died in May of lupus). Their family wish was a Playstation 2. Check. We also got them stockings, sweatshirts, board games and books. Oh, and an extra controller, memory card, and Madden '07. I tried to get Madden '06 because it was half the price of '07...ordered it online, only to find out the next day that it was back-ordered until the 22nd. No one else had it in store, and to order it from any place else would have only been $5 cheaper than '07. Whatevs.

Got the Christmas cards out, packages mailed, all but one batch of cookies made/decorated. All presents made; all but five bought (and we don't need three of them until the 30th).

Matt got his Christmas bonus this week, and my preliminary number crunching for our taxes is showing another nice refund, even though we changed our withholding this past year to have less taken out. I'm not really complaining. I hope we can get a new mattress and go on vacation, maybe with Carly and Eric this year. I haven't been to the beach in a long time.

That's about all I've got.

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