Thursday, August 31, 2006

The birthday gifts just keep a-comin'

My sister Alyssa is awesome. My birthday present (click for bigger size):

Now hanging in our hallway outside our bedroom.

I'm soo happy about the weather being cool tomorrow. The next couple days are going to rock. 3 1/2 day weekend (I'm leaving at 2pm tomorrow and have Monday off for Labor Day). I'm not doing much except lounging around, reading, coloring, watching some more of the first season of The OC. Then three days work, then B'burg Friday-Sunday, then flying out Monday night!

I had more to say but I can't remember it now. Maybe I'll think of it later.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Money money money money...MON-AY

On Tuesday I will be the proud owner of 90 Euros. Woo! Too bad we're not going to Japan, because I could have had 13,500 yen, and that just sounds cooler! Until you spend 460 yen on a hamburger. Ouch.

In other news, I dyed my hair on Friday and cut it on Monday. No one at work said anything. Woo.

Why is KY Jelly one of the approved "non-prescription" items allowed in your carry-on by the TSA? Apparantly the "war on moisture" still has provisions for joining the Mile High Club?

That's all for now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Continuing to disappoint

"How come things disappoint us but don't appoint us?" - Me
(long pause)
"Because you broke English!" - Matt

UPS once again proves that they are teh suck. They tried to deliver a package yesterday at 2:30, even though no one is ever home during that time. I called last night around 11 to have them hold the package for pickup; the recording said that my package would be available from Tuesday to next Monday. Cue me in the UPS center this morning; no package. Apparantly I "called too late" and they "didn't get the message" and my package was out for delivery on the truck. Um, if there's a time cutoff for calling to have a package held, then why didn't you tell me that it wouldn't be available until Wednesday? So now I've wasted 50 minutes of my morning (30 of those waiting around the house because the place doesn't open until 9:30am). They told me to come back between 8:15 and 9pm tonight. So I did, and there are 8 people in front of me and of course as usual only one person working the counter. Rawr rawr rawr. But I did finally get my stuff. Now the weather just needs to cooperate so I can wear it!

I saw a bumper sticker today that said "1-20-08: The End." I googled it, thinking it was one of those "the world is going to end" things. It turned out to be a countdown to the end of Bush's presidency. The had some funny (mostly photoshopped) pictures of him on there as well. My favorite:

It's kitten-on-the-cob! Anyway, moving on to other things. The best comment I saw on Fark last night was in the thread about John Mark Karr being exonerated from the murder of Jon-Benet Ramsey through DNA evidence. In response to the (rhetorical) statement "I saw this coming from a mile away..." IXI Jim IXI gives us this gem:
Hell, dead people saw this coming a mile away. And not even the shuffling, "braaaainnnsss" kind of dead people either. I'm talking about the dead people with the common decency to lie down and stay dead...

Well said.

Alright, I'm off to finish this tasty pork barbeque on ciabatta bread. Chow! (teeheehee)

Look around me, I can see my life before me
Running rings around the way it used to be
I am older now, I have more than what I wanted
But I wish that I had started long before I did

And there's so much time to make up everywhere you turn
Time we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away

Oh, when you were young did you question all the answers?
Did you envy all the dancers who had all the nerve?
Look around you now, you must go for what you wanted
Look at all my friends who did and got what they deserved

And there's so much time to make up everywhere you turn
Time we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away

And there's so much love to make up everywhere you turn
Love we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away
-Crosby Stills and Nash

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekends go too fast

I can't believe this one's almost over :-( I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!

I have found a neat show on Style OnDemand - "How Do I Look?" It's where an unfortunate fashion victim (so far I've watched goth-mom, a woman that only wore pink thrift-store purchases, and a skinny woman that only wore overalls, sweats, and mens XL T-shirts) gets made-over by two friends and a stylist. Each person throws out some of the stuff from the victim's closet and then create three outfits plus a hair and makeup recommendation, and then the victim has to pick one of the "collections" for their makeover. It's pretty entertaining, and I like a lot of the outfits that they put together. I think I'd be good at makeovers. Feel free to ask for one, I have tons of ideas.

We had Kim and Mike's shower yesterday; it turned out pretty nice (although I was a little disappointed at the turnout - I invited 27 people and only 10 made it). I made way too much food, and we played Dating Game and Wedding Trivia. The Dating Game was pretty entertaining; we pitted Carly and Eric (the seasoned couple) against Kim and Mike. Team Nusbaum won by one question. The best answer of the day was deemed to be Eric's response to the question "What would you say is her worst habit?" He wrote "Assumes I remember what she told me earlier" after Carly had ragged on him for not getting something in the first round that she claims to have told him. Other funny responses from Mike were "Your Mom!" to the question "Who in her family would she say she is most like?" and after I asked the question "Which of his friends does she like the least?" Mike asked me how did I spell my name. Har har.

We watched an episode of MST3K later that evening - Samson and the Vampire Women. It was as craptastic as you would expect.

Today was just church and lounging around. I was somewhat productive. Matt amazingly wanted to get chinese food for dinner, so we finally tried out Chop Stix. It was pretty good. We'll definitely be ordering again.

Oh, and I finally got my birthday present from my mom and was the pink leather tote bag that I wanted!! Hooray! I love it love it love it, it's so cute.

I'll be in The Netherlands in like two weeks...that's awesome :-)

Friday, August 25, 2006

You ain't seen nothing yet?

I just got a spam e-mail with the subject line "Time to save more ubteoe." I don't know what ubteoe is, but now I'm really worried that I'm not saving enough of it!

I am very happy that Plan B is being allowed to go forward as a "behind the counter" drug. Although it won't remove the problem of uninformed pharmacists withholding it from patients on moral grounds, I still think it is a big step forward in terms of access for people who need it. On the same subject, I am very angry at and Concerned Women for America for writing out and out lies on their webpages regarding this issue, such as "Plan B is an abortifacent drug" (courtesy of f.o) and that Plan B contains "25 times the amount of hormones as regular birth control pills" (courtesy of CWA).

On another topic, my parents took Alyssa to the emergency room last night :-( She's been having some kind of allergic reaction to something this week - hives, face and hands swelling, etc. and yesterday she was having trouble breathing. They still don't know what it is she's reacting to but she's doing okay today so far.

I've been pretty bored this week since my meeting on Wednesday. There hasn't been much to do the past couple days, and I don't have anything else to work on that's not in the lab. I have started working on the coloring book I got last week (I hate saying "adult coloring book" because it sounds awfully tawdry). I've finished one easy one (nice and symmetrical) and I'm currently about a third of the way through a "crazy" one without any real patterns. I'm trying to make some method out of the madness, but I'm pretty sure it'll end up being a "this is your brain on drugs" thing in the end. I might scan a couple and post them for kicks when I'm done. (**I just realized that the way this paragraph was worded makes it sound like I'm coloring at work. I'm not.)

I wish I didn't have to sit here all day at work, because I've still got a ton of stuff to do for Kim and Mike's shower tomorrow! I think my birthday present from my parents might come today? I hope so, because I really want to know what it is! I also ordered my last bit of stuff from Old Navy that I wanted (including a SUPER CUTE short black trench-coat that I absolutely cannot wait to wear...the weather needs to cool off a bit first though) and the neat thing was, aside from getting $25 off, it was also during the MD sales tax holiday so I didn't have to pay any sales tax either. Awesome! It shipped today, so my guess is I'll be able to get it by Wednesday or Thursday.

Alright, I guess I'm about done here for now. Peace out homeslice (that's especially for you, Ryan!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another milestone come and gone

Don't download this really, don't! Oh well, I warned you.

A study shows that left-handed men with college degrees earn more than their right-handed counterparts. Rock on!

If you get questioned by the TSA about your penis pump, don't tell them it's a bomb. Unless you're Austin Powers.

Rocked the thesis committee meeting, as expected. They were so dazzled that they told me to go ahead and start writing my thesis manuscript now. No, I'm kidding...they said "Nice presentation, see you in a year."

Monday, August 21, 2006

Holy crap, I'm 25

More on that in a moment. But first, last weekend, since it's been a while since I've posted. But not as much of a while as some people (cough*Steve*cough).

We went to NJ two weekends ago to stay with my grandma and go to a "going away party" for my cousins. Elizabeth is going to DeSales University and Laura is going to Rutgers (actually they're both already there by now). We left on Friday morning, and the worst traffic was at the Burger King at the first turnpike rest stop. The line took us over 30 minutes, ugh. We got there a little after 2pm, and played some Space Munchkin on the patio before dinner. We went out to dinner at The Spain, as usual, where much lobster, steak and seafood was had. On Saturday morning, we went over to Uncle Steve and Mel's place for some swimming and lunch. After we had showered and changed, we made our way out to Glen Gardner for the party. It was a good time, tons of food and all. We mostly hung out with my cousin Billy and his girlfriend Alicia, and played two games of Space Munchkin with them (which they thoroughly enjoyed). We came home on Sunday without too much traffic and fuss.

During this week, I've been ordering birthday gifts with money/gift cards I received while in NJ. My grandma gave me some money so I could get a travel jewelry case, and after a bit of hassle with FedEx it came on Friday. I got a Borders gift card from my aunt and uncle, so I ordered some books for my upcoming flight - The Time Traveller's Wife, Naked, and Black Bodies and Quantum Cats. I also got a "grown-up" coloring book with abstract geometric patterns. And of course I had previously ordered stuff from Old Navy with birthday money from Matt's parents and grandma. I plan on ordering just a few more things from there with a little bit more b-day money I have from them and my uncle. Matt gave me a peridot and pearl necklace, chocolates and colored pencils for my new coloring book. I am also eagerly waiting on my parents' gift, which they said wouldn't ship until the 25th.

Okay, on to birthday weekend. We got to Norm and Laura's place outside of Deep Creek Lake, elevation 2600ft, around 4pm (there was a fair bit of traffic in spots on I-70, so it took a little longer than we thought). We played croquet on the front lawn after we got there (Matt won) and then had dinner. Then we went to a scenic overlook for the sunset, and to Lakeside Creamery for ice cream. That night we had a campfire and toasted marshmallows in the woods behind their place. Saturday after breakfast, we went horseback riding. I had a horse named Trudie, and she was initially very stubborn (all she wanted to do was stop and eat). I think we eventually came to an understanding though, and it was a nice ride. We had picked up some sandwiches at Subway on the way over, and we went to Swallow Falls State Park for a picnic lunch. Then we spent several hours hiking around the falls and climbing on the rocks in and around the water. We took a scenic route back to the house, stopping at CandyLand on the way - it's a little roadside store that had aisles and aisles of bulk candy. We all had a good time filling up bags of different stuff. After dinner there was cake and ice cream, and sparklers. We ended the evening watching the new Jim Gaffigan stand-up comedy DVD that Kim and Mike sent me for my birthday present (thanks guys!) We were going to go do some more hiking on Sunday at a glacier swamp, but it rained in the morning so we just went out for breakfast and then lounged around playing games and reading until about 3pm when we closed the house up and headed out, stopping off at The Dip for some more ice cream. The trip back took a lot longer because of all the traffic, so Matt and I went out to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner where I had some delicious crab legs.

All said, it was a great weekend, and today has been a pretty lazy day at work. I'm probably going to leave early so I can go to the Columbia Mall and get my engagement ring cleaned and checked, and stop by Old Navy to see if they have a shirt I've wanted but has been sold out online. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Flickr photoset of weekend pictures here. More "artistic" pictures from the weekend are on the photoblog.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm so glad we didn't fly to NJ

Apparantly the government thinks that "maximum flexibility" means being able to bend the constitution any way they want to. Because neighbors reporting suspicious activity in the UK somehow means we need to give up even more US freedoms.

New math: too many cell phones + arabic last name = they're gonna blow up a bridge!!!

Apparantly the US bullied the UK into arresting the "hair gel bombers" even though many UK authorities believed there was no imminent danger. As in, no one had a plane ticket; some didn't even have a passport.

E-mails from the sheeple, posted on
If it wasn't for "annoying" security checks, these people wouldn't have been caught and the complaining people might have become our next photoboard of loved ones.
Riiight, soooo, I guess you must not know how to read, because all the news reports said that the suspects had been under surveillance, some for almost a year, and that the police had been tipped off by a report of suspicious activity by a neighbor.
And as for the people complaining about on-board restrictions, stop being so selfish. Authorities just possibly saved hundreds maybe thousands of lives.
So the best response is to lock the barn door after the horse is gone, because surely they must be out of ideas now. We're so smart.
I'm tired of people being upset for having to throw away liquids and gels! Come on people there is a sick group out there that is trying to blow your plane up and you want to complain! Get over yourself and your designer perfumes and listen to what the government is trying to do to keep you safe. I think no carry-on luggage should be in affect as of yesterday, lets keep everyone alive and safe.
You've obviously never flown. Because showing up at your destination, while your luggage shows up 1000 miles away, leaving you with no change of clothes, no medication, no glasses/contacts, no wallet/keys/phone is guaranteed to get your trip off to a good start. When the airlines have a 100% success rate with checked baggage, then I'll gladly give up my carry-on in the name of safety.
Thank God that the majority of people know that they too must be active and compliant in this and do all that they can to help prevent any future tragedies.
Thank God there's still a minority of people who aren't willing to bend over and have the US constitution shoved up their butt, by some government crony, in the name of providing an illusion of safety.

The *real* terrorist plot? Makes sense to me.

Oh, and apparantly the world's going to end on August 22nd anyways. Guess I don't need to worry about that thesis committee presentation after all!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Helpful advice?

11 "don't tell the husband" secrets all women keep

11 "don't tell the wife" secrets all men keep

Yes? No? Omissions?

I've been too angry lately to write about anything that's going on in my life. Some laundry just doesn't need to be aired online; I'm so glad I've learned this lesson, unlike some things I've seen on the internet.

New Jersey this Friday, Deep Creek Lake next Friday. I'm gonna be 25 in 10 days...that's crazy.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Milk reviews

419 of them, so far - from's new grocery store offerings. A lot of them are awesomely funny. At one point I was laughing so hard I was crying. A taste:

"You do realise this is nothing more than a lightly processed bodily fluid from a live cow." - one star

"This is the richest, creamiest milk that has slid down my windpipe in ages. I can't believe this came out of a cow's teat, held lonesome in some old barn, flies around. And yet, that old world flavor! I don my tuscan breeches and hed for the sea. It's olive harvest time and my sister's friend is looking ripe." - five stars

"I used to think my rage was uncontrollable before I started using Tuscan Whole Milk. I've been moderately rage-free for 21 days now." - three stars

"Not a good manta ray repellent" - one star

"Milk is a good food. It cured my Dengue Fever. But then I was hit by a truck. Thanks a lot, milk. I hate you." - five stars

"I used my Tuscan Whole Milk to make me strong and it did the trick. The toughest guy in the neighborhood is my friend. I drank 3 big glasses of this milk (I was going for 4 but got full) to get strong. Then I told my tough guy friend I could beat him up because I was stronger. He looked at me like I was kind of weird. I'd like to give this Tuscan Whole Milk 5 stars, but a few things held me back. First, aforementioned by previous reviewers, is the lack of operating instructions. Luckily, I've had previous user experience. Second, I didn't like the way he looked at me. Pros: Makes you strong. Creamy. Cons: People look at you funny." - four stars

Oh, and $3.99 for a gallon of milk? What a rip.

Friday, August 04, 2006

That's just who I am this week


It's been a tough week. To cap it all off, I came about 9 inches away from killing someone this morning. Some moron on a bike, riding the wrong way down the street, looking behind him instead of in front of him, rode right out in front of my car as I was entering an intersection. And of course he wasn't wearing a helmet, who are we kidding here? That would have been just dandy. Almost killing idiots before my morning coffee is NOT how I like to roll.

I went to Target to return the programmable thermostat that doesn't work with our wiring system because our heat pump is too old. As I was walking in from the parking lot, this guy totally did the "How you doin'?" thing. Eww factor - he was with ANOTHER GIRL. How much more sketch can we get here?

I'm also mad at Michaels, for going all pansy in their merchandise. It used to be a real crafts store; now you can't buy fabric or sewing notions. Just candles and silk flowers and scrapbooking materials and wedding junk.

My Old Navy "pre-birthday gift" package came today; Matt said signing for the package made him miss pocket Kings. Two pairs of dressy khaki pants, two sweaters, two button-down shirts, two long-sleeved shirts, a t-shirt and a strapless dress (that I had to reorder because I misgauged the size). Additional retail therapy was in the form of shoes. Hey, I told you it was a tough week. Men will never realize the magical chemistry combination of estrogen and a shoe sale. Take two pairs and call me in the morning - a pair in black and a pair in brown.

I don't get to say "Jigga wha??" nearly enough.

Let's Dish and dinner out with the boys tomorrow.

I need to go to bed soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And just like that, things look better

Holy crap!

I just got an e-mail from Imedex, saying that they accepted my abstract for a poster presentation at the melanoma research conference in September! I really am surprised, because they had said that they would be e-mailing abstract acceptances yesterday, so when I didn't get one I assumed that I hadn't been picked. This is awesome though, because aside from just being able to present at a meeting, I can also apply for a travel award. Go me!

UPDATE: Got the travel award!

Insane in the brain

Today is not boding well for my sanity.

I got gas this morning, and I got gum on the bottom of my second-favorite pair of flip-flops (my pink leather ones are my favorite, because they match so many of my shirts). It was really sticky gum too. Eww.

It's already super hot, and it's only going to get hotter. Eww.

Apparantly there was a fire alarm or something this morning, and the fire doors (which are normally held open by large, strong magnets) are still closed. Our common area is right at the end of the hallway next to a set of these doors, and so anytime someone walks down the hallway (we're also right next to the men's bathroom) the doors slam shut behind them. The doors have been slamming shut about every 30 seconds or so.

At least we have another good weekend coming up. Let's Dish with Sean and Jen (so they can stock up on meals before the baby comes) and then chinese food with Jim, Ryan and Phil. And another "chill" day on Sunday, before the traveling starts.