Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do I look like I'm broke??

So I'm at the mall today getting a few things for Saturday. As I'm walking along one of the mall corridors, this guy comes up to me and starts what turned out to be some kind of business pitch. He was talking in somewhat of a low voice, and I was having trouble hearing him, but I caught "opening up a new center" and "keeping your options open." I looked at him blankly for a second or two, and then asked "I'm sorry, what is this for?" He said something about financial services. I looked at him blankly again for another second, and then said "Like banks?" He says "No, we work with families to help them get out of debt." At that point I'm laughing and said "I'm sorry, we're not in debt!" as I walked away.

But out of all the people walking through in that mall corridor at that moment, he thought *I* was the one most likely to need the services he was peddling??

Oh, and I saw a totally awesome shooting star the other night.

Oh, AAAAAND I ordered a Nintendo DS lite today from EB Games. I have no idea when i'll get it, but at least they're "back ordered" now instead of "out of stock."

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Matt Silverthorn said...

More likely, it was quite the opposite situation. It's not the poor people with $600,000 mortgages. A lot of the credit card debt in this country comes from people who just spend too much.