Monday, January 29, 2007

It's sad

When some Christians turn out to be as bad as some atheists.

I am referring to the recent hullabaloo over an elementary school teacher doing yoga with her students. Some are claiming that teaching yoga in public schools violates the separation of church and state, since yoga originally has its roots in Hinduism. Personally I think the fuss is just silly, for several reasons.
1. Yoga is not a religion. It is a practice that is included in the Hindu religion. To call yoga a religion is as silly as calling singing a religion.
2. Americanized yoga is so far removed from the religious practice of yoga that they hardly bear resemblance to one another. Even the YMCA teaches yoga classes as a form of relaxation and fitness.
3. If we are to say that yoga violates separation of church and state because it can be construed as promoting the Hindu religion, then must we also eliminate snack time because juice and crackers can be construed as "communion," or eliminate swimming because it can be construed as "baptism," both of which promote the Christian faith?
4. People are stupid, as evidenced by this comment: "...apparently none of you know or even care enough to look into the background of yoga, the demons that can be evoked from practicing it and the violent nature of it."
5. I'd bet my paycheck that the very same people whining about separation of church and state are the ones who complain when their kids can't sing christmas carols. Can't we all stop being so petulant and allow kids the benefit of the doubt that exposure does not equal indoctrination, on any side of the equation? Geez.

You know who else is stupid? The Bush administration. I know, I know, this one's obvious. But I just wanted to point out that the administration is cutting the National Cancer Institute's budget for the second year in a row. Good job, guys.


Matt Green said...

I was caught off guard by your use of hullabaloo, but it wasn't what I was thinking of. Tragic, indeed.

From the article:
"Despite mainstream acceptance, yoga in public schools remains touchy. Critics say even stripped-down "yoga lite" goads young people into exploring other religions and mysticism."
This is the most telling quote of the whole article. With this sort of mindset, nearly everything can be perceived as a threat. Then, it is only a matter of a demagogue directing the fears toward some random activity deemed evil. Remember when the Internet was touted as a haven for child molesters?

kim said...

These are the same parents that will later bash (and probably sue) the school for not offering gym/exercise classes, therefore making their kids fat.

These are also the same parents that want the Harry Potter books banned, because "THEY TEACH TEH WITCHCRAFT!!! OMG, WITCHES!!1!eleventy!!"

Pretty soon, the only subjects our kids will be left with are American history and trigonometry. Oh wait, trig has the prefix 'tri' which means 3, which means it's obviously goading young children and teens into THREESOMES!!!!


Courtney said...

Nope, no math uses ARABIC numbers and clearly that's a plot by radical muslims to infiltrate this country.