Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just before bed

Matt went to bed early because he has to take his car to the insurance adjuster at 8am tomorrow (today, whatever). I stayed up and half-watched the BCS championship game. 41-14...FLORIDA. Who was that out on the field? Other than scoring on the very first kick-off return, OSU was pretty lame. Whatevs.

MySpace lets you put a ton of pictures up on your profile now. That's really cool.

I'm about 75% done with my data analysis...w00t.

I downloaded some music from The Internet Archive last night. Some of it was decent (Echoes, The Fisticuffs and if:then:goto). Some of it was awesomely bad (Spencer Owen and Morella). I'm going to try to download a little more tomorrow...some stuff by The Wades, Hardcore Ballerina and Shacker (I'm just browsing the site by artist descriptions). It's an interesting website. I had no idea that there was a genre called vomit rock. Maybe my career as a musician isn't hopeless after all.

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