Saturday, January 06, 2007

Let the record show

I purchased 10 clothing items with my christmas money so far, and none of them are pink. (Grey, brown, blue, cream, purple, black, and navy if you cared).

I really love that in the areas around Hopkins they've been installing the crosswalk signals that count down for you.

Finally got my data disk from the microarray facility...that only took 4 months. And yay, 330,000 pieces of data that is 99% worthless, and now it's my job to find the 1%.

Carpet cleaning, day 2. We might be having dinner with Matt's aunt tomorrow if we finish up today. I love Brain Age, but it frustrates me that I seem to do worse on the brain age check that gets recorded for the day than if I retake it again not for keepsies. Matt's currently beating me. But I can read faster than him, haha!

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