Friday, January 19, 2007

Maybe you should just change yourself

Woah, where did that week go??

The bible study class I'm doing right now is on the book of Revelation. There's a very...interesting woman in the class. I think she's there to teach me patience.

We're going over to Matt Green's place tomorrow for pizza, video games (PS2 and Wii), and This Is Spinal Tap. Should be a fun evening, provided nothing happens to the car. Speaking of the car, we finally got Matt's back tonight. That was the biggest hassle, and I wasn't even dealing with any of it.

We've got a busy weekend next weekend too. Saturday is the murder mystery party at Jeremy and Ashley's (I'm soooo excited about this!) and then Sunday is Lauren's baby shower. Fun abounds.

I had a bunch of links to write about, but I don't feel like it anymore. I will plug one thing though: Morning Coffee. It's a Firefox extension that lets you bookmark stuff in the M.C. file under different days, and then when you click the button (of course it looks like a coffee cup) it opens up all that day's pages in tabs. So awesome! How I came to find this plug-in was not so awesome though. Hopkins did something weird to my computer when I tried to access the internet in a building other than mine, something about a dynamic IP or whatever. But whatever it was they wanted me to do, I couldn't do it. It just gave me an error page. So whenever I opened a Firefox window or clicked home, instead of getting my homepage (My Yahoo) I got the Hopkins login page for whatever it was they wanted me to do. I uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox, and tried to save my bookmarks and stored passwords, but it didn't work. So I lost everything...bookmarks, toolbar, themes, extensions, stored passwords, etc. That was a fun couple of hours. But yay, Morning Coffee. Download it. It will make your life happy.

Oh, one more link...this is an awesome photo of Tokyo. It's taken using "high dynamic range" photography - they take several photographs of the same shot at different exposures and then merge them together. Pretty schweet.

I finally got my transcript from Hopkins, and mailed out my scholarship application today. Hopefully in 6 months I'll be $1000 richer! I'm also working on my cancer camp application AGAIN. And apparently I was able to get registered for my second online class, which I didn't realize until I got my transcript and saw the class listed on there (that starts on Monday, by the way) because they're really lousy about contacting out-of-division students.

This is my new desktop.

I just saw the commercial for Karaoke Revolution: American Idol. We have to get that, so Simon Cowell can yell at me :-)

I figure that's about all I got for now. Bye!

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