Saturday, January 20, 2007

OMG some people are stupid

I've been playing The ESP game. It's a project to tag all the (work-safe) images on the internet. You are randomly assigned an anonymous partner, and given a set of 15 images. You are supposed to type one-word descriptions of the image, and if one of your descriptions matches your partner's, you get points. There are also "taboo" words that you're not allowed to use (I'm assuming once a certain number of people tag an image with a word it becomes taboo).

You can also see one of your partner's guesses at the end for every image that you didn't match. That's how I find out things like the person who typed "picture" for one of the images. THEY'RE ALL PICTURES. And things like this. First, the end-game screen without their guess:

Now I was typing things like call, talk, face, nose, lips, man, profile, mobile. No match. Because this was their guess:


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