Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frailty, thy name is PennDOT

So, once we actually GOT to Stroudsburg (6 1/2 hours after we left Baltimore) we had a good weekend. "Kudos" to PennDOT for failing to properly plow 150 miles of interstate, causing it to be completely shut down and necessitating that we drive on a lot of shady back roads. Fun times.

It turned out that the windshield wiper problem was ice, and that we just hadn't poured enough hot water on it on Thursday night.

Ah, memories.

Regardless of what you believe in the abortion debate, I'm curious as to why the babies that are aborted ONLY are ever the ones that would have been the next Einstein, Salk, Ghandi or Eisenhower and never the ones that would have been deadbeat dads, gas station robbers, tax evaders or drunk drivers. Because you know, that wouldn't be statistically probable or anything. Hypothetically.

Apparently if you and your S/O are underage, and have sex in Florida, and take pictures of yourself, you can be arrested for child pornography...???

This country is so wack. Old School!

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