Friday, February 09, 2007


MAN my legs and feet are tired. This was the Pharmacology Department's recruiting weekend, and I helped shuttle people around to their interviews all day. I have a lot of guilt over this. I mean, you start off taking one person to their interview...and then there's someone meeting with that professor right before them, and you can't say "Well, see ya." So you take *that* person to their interview. And then it's in a far off building, and you think "Well, none of the other escort students knows they're out there except me." So you go back and pick them up after their interview, and take them to their next one. Repeat ad nauseum. By the end of the day I had walked 42 blocks (and looking at Mapquest to determine how many blocks are in a mile, it works out to almost 4.5 miles). Oh, did I mention that I was wearing 3" heels? Oh yeah.

So anyway, we're going to see Mike and Kim for president's day weekend. And Matt wanted to go to the Borgata in Atlantic City for a day trip, to play in a poker game. I said that was fine; I'd just go to the spa with Kim. Well, I wanted a massage and a facial, but it turns out that they didn't have any facial appointments for the day we were going to be there. I was pretty bummed about this...until Kim suggested going to her spa in Stroudsburg instead. WELL, now I can get my facial and more, for cheaper. Awesome. They did say that God rested on the 7th day...well, I'll be very restful at Shear Design Spa :-)

I'm recaulking the tub and installing a new bathroom sink faucet tomorrow. Should be interesting.

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