Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've gotten up before 6:30 two days in a row

Which is NOT the norm for me.

Anyway, I'm sitting at another computer waiting for a PDF to print one.page.at.a.time. And I happened upon this: Steve Jobs blogs about DRM-free music. It's fairly interesting.

I finished my class project last night (summary of a patent on a protein from snail slime that is anti-microbial) so now I'm allowed to play Dr. Mario :-)

This morning's weather: current temperature...8 degrees. Feels like...0 degrees. High of...22 degrees. I am seriously considering wearing ski pants in the morning until I get to my building.


Matt Green said...

Basically, "we're taking our ball and going home." He has the the gall to argue that, on average, only 3% of music is DRM'd and therefore it is not worth worrying about vendor lock-in. This is a slap in the face to anyone who has spent any amount of money on DRM'd music.

Sorry Steve, but you're gonna have to do a better job.

Courtney said...

They're not taking their ball and going home. See option 3. As for my iPod, I'm closer to 4.8% DRMed. Is that enough to lock me into an iPod? Probably. But more likely it's because the Zune sucks and I hate Sony. I also think percentages are a crappy way to look at it. A $22 investment to switch to another format is much less than the $163 investment I'd currently have to make.