Monday, February 12, 2007

Yeah, we're homeowners

So...bathroom update. I got the tub stripped and recaulked without any real trouble. Then I/we moved on to the faucet (I started, but only got 1/3 of the way through before I needed Matt's help). I got the faucet unhooked and removed fine, but the drain proved to be trickier. Much much trickier. A trip to Lowes was necessary halfway through because we didn't have a wrench big enough to get the drain column nut off, and because the water connectors were welded to the old faucet so I had to get new ones. Anyway. After much frustration, cursing, and such (and 45 minutes) we finally got the drain out. It was DISGUSTING. Ugh. After that though, it was fairly short work to get the new drain installed and everything hooked up. Then we turned on the cold water...and it was hot. Apparently our water valves were installed backwards, so we had to unhook the water connectors and switch them. Done.

I attempted to put in a new shower head today but the old one is stuck and we can't get it off atm. We're going to check around to see if anyone has a pipe wrench before we drop 16 bucks on a tool that we can currently only foresee using once.

So my back is sore and my hands are a wreck (bruised and scraped knuckles, not to mention the dryness). But we've accomplished what we wanted to do for the weekend; the shower head was an impulse buy. Matt's going to put in a shower door at some point and I'm going to redo the vanity (strip, repaint, new hardware). A little paint on the walls and then I should be happy. Wee.

So I guess I've really earned my upcoming 3-day weekend. Although our plans are not exactly quite set yet. As I mentioned before, Kim and I were going to go to the Borgata Spa for facials and massages, but no dice. Then we decided to stay in Stroudsburg while the guys went to AC and go to her local day spa, but amazingly they ended up being booked on Sunday as well. Argh! We tossed a couple other websites back and forth but we're ultimately trying to go on Monday instead, and go along with the guys to AC on Sunday. The upside of all this (assuming that we can actually get Monday appointments) is that it's a LOT cheaper so I can get more stuff...I'm currently "down" for a package with a shea body buff and warm stone massage, botanical facial, and spa manicure. Cross your fingers.

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Liz said...

It's a small world. My sister used to be a manager at the Elizabeth Arden spa at the Borgata up until a couple of months ago. I could've called her up and seen if I could have pulled some strings for you :) And maybe get you in on the employee and family of the employee discount that I used to take advantage of! I'm going to Atlantic City a week from Friday for a concert. Then I'll prolly hang out there for the good my friends live on the beach in Brigantine, so anything to see them :) It's always a guaranteed good time.