Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy birthday Maryland

The colony of Maryland was founded on March 25, 1634. You look pretty good for 373 years, hon.

My bracket is all but toast at this point. I'm currently 0-3 on the Final Four, and Georgetown is down by three at the moment. Not that it matters because Kansas lost last night. Boo.

I *love* the new Pontiac convertible commercials.

Poker was pretty good last night. We only wound up with 9 people in the end, so we just squished onto one table. I went out on the bubble when my over cards didn't catch anything to Matt's lower pair. Eric ended up in third, Carly in second and Matt ended up winning this time. It was probably the shortest game we played too, as we started at 2pm and took about 30-45 minutes out for dinner and still finished by 8:30.

Since we were done so early, the guys decided to play a bit of 7-card stud (which apparently Jeremy got very lucky at) while the girls went to Target. Kim, Carly and Ashley were so impressed that we had a two-story Target with a cart escalator. I got a new lip gloss and some Neutrogena eye cream - it says it reduces puffiness and dark circles. On that subject, there are about a billion eye creams for wrinkles, and like three for dark circles. I call age discrimination. Oh, and a few days ago (during my trip to Yucky Walmart) I got the Almay pore minimizing cream, which I do like very much. My face care has really gotten more involved over the last couple months, but it seems to work so I'm not complaining. I love the Almay stuff.

Oh, and the shoes...they were the wrong ones. Boooo. Well, at least I hadn't planned my outfit to wear on Monday with the shoes yet. Maybe someday.

We played tennis today. I was a little rusty but it was still fun. We're really going to need to work harder if we're going to beat Team Nusbaum!

The Ford dealership in Columbia wasn't open for pickup today, so Matt's going to have to drive me up there tomorrow morning so I can get my car. And apparently it wasn't covered under warranty (??) to the tune of $360. Pwned. Well, that's what savings accounts are for.

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