Friday, March 16, 2007

Holy freaking crap!

Did anyone else watch the VT-Illinois game? OMG. We came from a 12-point deficit to take the lead by 1. Then we drew a foul. The guy (first trip to the foul line tonight) misses the first shot. Makes the second shot. Illinois bounced a shot off the rim with like 4 seconds to go. We seal the deal.

Oh, and what was UP with the refs and the technical foul calls tonight? I didn't see the replay of the first technical foul called on VT. But the SECOND...Washington got elbowed in the face reaching for a rebound, Illinois recovered it. Washington and his guard both immediately pivot, slip and fall. They call a foul on Washington for "tripping" the guy guarding him. WTF?? Amazingly the guy that was "fouled" (cry cry tears tears) missed all three of his technical foul shots.

My bracket is currently 21-7 with 4 games currently undecided. 14 of my Sweet Sixteen and all of my Elite Eight are still in play. I think that's pretty good.

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