Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I have a dream

Had a dream, I should say. Our mattress is going to be delivered on Friday. But last night I dreamed that it came today. Well, first off the delivery man didn't call ahead or even knock, so when he walked in we had to race back to the bedroom to take the sheets off the old mattress. Then, when he brought in the new mattress, it was *tiny* - and I couldn't figure out why. I asked the delivery man and he said "Tempur-pedic is a Swedish company...the measurements are in centimeters, not inches." I said "But the website said it was a QUEEN!" To which the delivery man replied "In Sweden, we have very small queens."

Under Jason's prodding, I filled out an NCAA bracket. Actually, I filled out 2. I did one using coin flips (tails = top, as in the physically higher of the two teams in each match-up). The almighty penny has spoken, and it predicts Butler over Niagra and Texas Tech over Albany with Butler taking home all the marbles. Har har.

The REAL bracket I filled out has Kansas over Oregon and Georgetown over Texas A&M with Kansas winning the title. Same as last year, I'm not going to bet money on it...just want to see how I do.

Ich habe hunger.

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