Thursday, March 01, 2007

My $2600 mouth

That's what I estimated I spent on my two root canals and two crowns in 2005 and 2006. But I went to the dentist today and no problems there, finally. w00t!

I'm watching the VT-UVA basketball game at the moment in hopes of bragging rights tomorrow...but with 5:20 left on the clock it's not looking good :-/ Forcing the 3-point shot and missing, while UVA makes most of theirs, is killing them

Two sad articles:
- For want of a dentist, a boy was lost. Things like this make me think that *something* needs to be done to our health care system. I don't know how to fix it, but it's obviously broken when a kid can't get routine checkups, or even an extraction of an abcessed tooth (which would cost what, $100-200?) and ends up running up a hospital bill of a quarter of a million dollars and still dies.
- An 82 year-old man stopped in the middle lane of the B'more Beltway, and then attempted to make a right-hand *turn* onto the Reisterstown Road exit. Enter a tractor trailer into the side of his vehicle. Throw in a second tractor trailer. Amazingly no one was injured. I think that after a certain age, they really ought to make you take the driver's test every year.

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Carly said...

It wasn't even $100 = it was an $86 proceedure that would have saved the boy and instead amounted to $52k in hospital bills.