Monday, March 05, 2007

Ollie ollie oxen free

Ollie North sent me a letter!

But wait, there's a quiz involved.

1. Do you believe that the liberal media are delivering fair and balanced reporting on our efforts to stabilize Afghanistan and Iraq?
-I don't believe that any media are delivering 100% fair and balanced reporting. Including your right-wing media. Because, you know, that's the whole point of journalism - to spin something the way your readers want to hear it.

2. Do you believe that the so-called "mainstream media" have ignored most success stories in the war on terror and focused almost entirely on the negative?
-I've seen plenty of human-interest success stories in the media. Unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that we cannot "win" in Iraq.

3. Do you believe that the liberals in the media tried to use bad news from Iraq to affect the outcome of the 2006 elections?
-I don't think the media needed Iraq to affect the 2006 elections. The Republicans did a bang-up job of that themselves without any outside help.

4. Do you agree that many in the American media would like us to surrender in Iraq?
-I don't think the media cares one way or the other, as long as they have something to report about.

5. Do you agree that the constant stream of negative reports out of Iraq is harming troop morale and hindering our efforts to bring peace and stability to Iraq?
-No, I believe that men being sent over in increasing numbers for a lost cause is harming troop morale, and people with hundreds of years of bad religious blood between them are hindering our efforts to bring peace and stability in Iraq.

6. Is it time for all freedom-loving Americans to stand up and say enough is enough to the biased, liberal and untrue stories coming out of the liberal media?
-I think it's time for all freedom-loving Americans to stand up and say we're sick of having our freedoms increasingly taken away in the name of the "war on terror."

7. Do you think that many in the liberal media secretly want America to lose the war on terror?
-Of course not, because now we have terrorism insurance.

8. Do you believe that we could have still won World War II if today's liberal media were reporting on that war effort?
-Sure, because men believed in that cause in droves and Europeans were generally more concerned with being freed than with blowing themselves up as a suicide bomb.

9. Do you agree that the American media is aiding and abetting our enemies with their constant stories of defeat and despair in Iraq and elsewhere in our worldwide war on terror?
-When did it become a WORLDWIDE war on terror? I think the rest of the world might take offense with that. And remind me again why we're fighting the "war on terror" in Iraq, what with that crazy 9-11 commission report and all?

Pot, meet my good friend Kettle.

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