Friday, March 30, 2007


I went to the Payless in Columbia mall yesterday (long story) to try to find the shoes that I want so badly. They didn't have them, but the cashier checked the computer and two stores came up with shoes in my size, in Owings Mills and Glen Burnie. She said she could call and have them hold them for me for 24 hours. But when she called both stores, neither of them had the shoes on the shelf. Grrrr. AND, to add insult to injury, the woman behind me in line was buying the shoes, in size 6 1/2. SO UNFAIR!

In the meantime, I bought consolation shoes. And I'm considering two other pairs. I really think these are cute (although a tad on the pricey side). And I tried these on the other day, and they're also cute, but I'm not sure I can pull them off?

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