Friday, March 23, 2007

Well, that was an adventure

So I was on my way home tonight, and it was raining. Just before I got out of the city, I noticed that my windshield wipers weren't moving. Grrrr. I've never been so grateful for traffic, because I wasn't able to drive the speed limit. I ended up pulling over on the side of I-95 four or five times to get out and wipe off the windshield between Baltimore and Columbia, where the nearest Ford dealership was. When I got there (around 6:30 maybe?) the mechanics were already all gone and the rental car desk was closed. The check-in guy thought it might be a fuse, so he replaced it but it immediately blew again. Hence, the motor was broken and they wouldn't be able to deal with it until tomorrow. So I had to call Matt and have him come all the way out to Columbia to pick me up from the dealership. And Matt's allergies were acting up today, so driving an hour in the rain was probably the last of his priorities.

I made it to the dealership safely and the motor should be covered by warranty. And we went to Bertucci's (though they never did bring back my favorite pasta...I just got pizza instead). So in the end it should be okay.

Poker tomorrow! And new shoes!

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