Monday, April 02, 2007


We made turkey chowder for dinner, to use up the Boston Market leftovers. It game out pretty good.

Target and CVS carry Burt's Bees products now. That's pretty awesome.

I realized tonight that I am 25 years old, and I don't need my mom to buy me Cadbury Creme Eggs anymore. I bought them for myself this year (gasp!)


Eric said...

carly and i make small easter baskets for each other every year. the difference is that i grew up with easter baskets being 100% candy, and carly grew up with them being 50% toys. so it's tough for me to understand how to shop for her basket!

also, cadburry is huge in england. i think they're basically the british equivalent of hersheys.

Courtney said...

I grew up with the 50-50 easter basket as well. And yeah, I remember I used to think that the only things that Cadbury made were creme eggs and the hard shell pastel chocolate eggs (mmm, maybe I should buy some of those too) because the only time I saw Cadbury commercials was during Easter, with that little white bunny. It was a weird feeling the first time I saw a Cadbury chocolate bar (like you'd buy a Hershey bar).

The nice thing is that when we were kids, we'd each only get one Cadbury egg (and later, two, after my sister was lactose intolerant). But now I get to eat all four!

Matt Silverthorn said...

I remember those commercials. I hated that stupid clucking bunny.

Courtney said...

Only terrorists hate the Cadbury bunny.