Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ollie Williams with the weather report

It's raining sideways!

No, seriously, what is up with the snow??

So, it's been an interesting weekend thus far. We usually go to my parents' place for Easter dinner. But. We found out last week that my dad has laryngeal cancer. He's having a vocal cord biopsy on Monday morning, so my parents are driving down to UVA medical center tomorrow. So we had Easter dinner today. Except instead of the usual Easter dinner, we had lobsters. Because Jesus died on the cross, and thus shellfish is no longer unclean. Nono, because that's what dad wanted for dinner. And I'm not one to turn down a free lobster.

And then, Matt came down with something and woke up this morning with an awful cough (after only sleeping for about 4 hours). So I had to drive down by myself. And my brother decided not to come home for the weekend.

-I need to get working on my class project that's due in two weeks.
-I've started reading 1984.
-I'm going to be in Baton Rouge in two weeks.
-My mom thinks I have an overly substantial shoe collection.
-The Dale Earnhardt Story is a pretty low-caliber movie.

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