Saturday, April 14, 2007

There are times that landscapes change

I told Matt Green that I was a level 21 wizard riding a wolf, and he asked me if I had been drinking. Hehehe. Matt (mine) bought me Puzzle Quest a couple days ago. I was initially skeptical, but it's totally addicting. I played for like 8 hours yesterday.

Why, you ask? Because my car was having the brakes fixed. I brought it in at 8am, thinking it might be a 2-ish hour job and I could be at work before lunchtime. Not a chance. I wasn't able to get my car until 1:45pm, thus making the day a total wash. But it was fun. Although if I had known I was going to be home all day I would have slept in!

I also got a chance to play for a while tonight. We babysat for Ben while Sean and Jen went to Glen Echo park for dancing. Man, this baby thing is easy. You just sit around playing video games and eating muddy buddies. I don't know why more people don't do it!

I am totally, absolutely kidding...please don't beat me with a stroller. Ben did sleep the whole time though.

I accidentally bought light ravioli the other day. It was fairly vile.

Matt just told me that a season of Sheep in the Big City is available on iTunes!!

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