Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gained opportunities, lost opportunities

I added a state to my "states I've been to" map last week - Louisiana. In July, I'll be adding another one - Colorado. Yes folks, after three years of applying, I was finally accepted to the AACR Pathobiology of Cancer workshop. w00t!! I'm really excited to go. It's going to be a crazy month...something for the 4th of July (no clue what, but I've never been to DC for the fireworks yet), Colorado from the 15th-22nd, VBS, and then off to the Outer Banks on the 28th.


I went to the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription. There was a girl in front of me, 17 years old, trying to get medicine for her two-year old daughter. There was some problem with her Medicaid or CHIP card or whatever it was she was trying to use, and the coverage was denied, and the medicine cost $60, which she obviously didn't have. I didn't do anything...I felt like I should have though, later. $60 isn't exactly chump change but it's probably a lot smaller percentage of our monthly budget than hers. It actually almost brought me to tears when I was thinking about it on the way home; that I had the opportunity to help her and didn't see it in the moment for whatever reason.

Forgive me Father...for the things that I have done...and the things that I have failed to do.

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Carly said...

I completely understand what you mean. Earlier today I was at Office Depot buying cases of binders for a materials production my office is doing. It's been a long, exhausting and frustrating day (and it's far from over -- now it's quarter til 11pm, and we're still not done), and I was under a tight time crunch to get the binders and get back to work to do at least a little bit of work before darting over to my bible study, before going back to work. Well, 2 cases of binders is really heavy, which I didn't anticipate, and therefore lost time by having to go back up to the front of the store (the binder aisle is all the way in the back) to get a cart. When I got back to the binders, and had just hoisted one of the crates up and in to my cart, a little old lady came up and said "excuse me, do you work here?" I immediately responded with a harsh and horrified "NO!" to which she simply meekly replied "oh, ok . . . " and turned to look over the index tabs and dividers. I stormed off with my cart embarrassed that she could even think that I worked there. And then I just stopped; my stomach was all knotted up and I felt just completely awful. I probably could have just answered that lady's question. Its not like office depot employees just roam the floors looking to help people. Usually you have to go flag one down, and typically that takes about 15 minutes. But no, I was a complete jerk, and didn't even do anything about it. I prayed a lot on the way home, and then confessed it to my bible group. Now I feel a tiny bit better, but I wish I could find that lady and tell her how sorry I am for snapping. By the way, I was wearing khaki pants and a black shirt . . . the uniform colors of the Office Depot employees. (Do I get a prize for longest comment ever???)