Friday, June 08, 2007

LOLcats say...

Camera battery dies. Both of them actually. I figured I'd order one online for store pickup and get it today on my way to the graduation. A) The battery was like the only one that didn't offer store pickup and it wasn't available anywhere else B) Apparently batteries don't come charged (WTF?) so it wouldn't matter if I could find it in a store, since I don't have the charger with me C) My order wouldn't go through in Firefox so I had to use Internet Sucksplorer.

Add this to (all together now) "It didn't work" in lab, and the morons who are doing the repave on 270 not leaving a place to exit onto 370 on the way home yesterday. And an accident on 70 this morning so I had to get off onto 40 and go through all the stoplights. Yeah, I'm in a sthuper mood, thanks life, I really appreciate it.

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