Saturday, June 02, 2007

No, you're doing it wrong!

Matt and I are planning on going to see Mr. Brooks tomorrow after church, as we have some movie gift certificates. They're only good at Consolidated Theaters, and the closest one is in Silver Spring. As MoCo recently eliminated free parking on weekends (or will be shortly, we're not sure) we thought "No problem, we'll just take the metro!" There's a metro stop across the street from our church, and the theater is about half a mile from the Silver Spring metro stop (the next stop on the red line).

In comes the math. The minimum fare on metro is $1.35 (!). So we can pay $5.40 to go one stop on the metro, round-trip, or we can pay $0.60 per hour to park in the garage. No question there.

But my issue is that they're not really encouraging people to use public transportation at those rates. I mean, how many cars take 3-5 mile short trips every day because it's cheaper to park for a couple hours than pay to take the metro a stop or two? Over a year that probably adds up to a lot of pollution, traffic, etc. It's just silly. We'd have to spend the entire day (9+ hours) there for it to cost more than metro fares.

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Debo Hobo said...

I agree, you would think if they are eliminating free parking then they could lower the metro fare. But on the other hand $5.40 isn't really that much, considering the movie is free. So I think you are still getting a pretty good deal. Enjoy the movie. I think I'll go on Sunday as well. Here in Dallas,Texas parking is not a problem it's the traffic that is the nightmare.