Sunday, July 15, 2007


Well, so I made it here. On time, amazingly. My flight was supposed to take off at 10:15. Matt dropped me off at Dulles at 9:10, and I go to the kiosk to check in. I put in my confirmation number, and it says that it's too late to check in for that flight. Huh, I thought domestic flights were supposed to be an hour before takeoff. Glitch in the system? More like glitch in United. They moved the flight back to *9:38* and the check-in window closes 40 minutes before takeoff for checked bags. They can't check me in. So they put me on standby for the flight at 12:15, and I have the long uncertain wait to see if I get a seat. Oh, and I got the "standby special" courtesy of the TSA. Puffer, radiation swabs, hand search, the works. Fun.

The bright side is that I did get a seat on the 12:15 flight, and because I was originally supposed to have a three hour layover in Denver, we landed and I still had 35 minutes to get off the plane (and of COURSE I'm in row 30), get my boarding pass printed, and get from gate B25 to B59. Moving walkways were my best friend today.

So here I am now, and I have a little over two hours before we get underway. I'll try to get the wireless internet working tonight (haven't tried yet but I think all I need is a code from the front desk) so I'll hopefully be posting throughout the week (MST).

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