Monday, July 23, 2007

Cancer Camp Pictures

As promised. Rafting pictures will be up whenever I manage to get my butt over to (shudder) Wal-mart.

Hiking up Snowmass Mountain...yes, that *is* snow in the background:

They don't call 'em The Rockies for nothing:

Part of the awesomest path lab group:

Mmm, pizza before the concert:

Yes, that would be the Average White Band:

Always be prepared for crazy Colorado weather:

"The gang" out in downtown Aspen on Friday night:

Dinner at Su Casa:

Two opponents and one teammate in Aspen:

The ghetto-fabulous winners:

Trevor gets "yo' momma" joke advice from Josh and Ted:

Dean and I would not be this happy the following day when United canceled our flight:

With roomie Bernadette:

And apparantly, the following is what happens when you ask someone to hold your camera for you (ahem):





ted said...

don't know what you mean about letting someone hold your camera. how else would you get such candid photography?!

Federico said...

Yeah... just ask Stephanie...

Trevor said...

Wow - you captured Ted reacting in disbelief to my asking his advice on yo mama jokes just at the right time - I can almost hear him saying "what do you MEAN?" :) Great pics - thanx ...