Friday, July 27, 2007

Disgruntled customer

Two nights ago while I was at VBS, Matt called my cell phone and said "You didn't pay the car insurance bill??"

Well, I had paid the car insurance bill. I mailed it with the mortgage and the phone bill on the 13th, before I had left for Colorado. On the 25th, NONE of those three checks had cleared. And our car insurance was canceled. WTF?

So Matt called the insurance company and paid with his credit card over the phone, and I paid the phone bill online (there's a fee for doing so, which is why it's one of the few that we don't normally pay online) and put a new mortgage check in the mail. Then Matt had Bank of America put "stop payments" on the original three checks.

Well, here's where it goes beyond annoying. One of two things happened to the checks - either they were lost somewhere in the postal system (but the birthday cards I mailed at the same time still got to where they were going), or they were stolen en route. Assuming the second, if we hadn't put in the stop payments, someone could have fraudulently cashed the checks, and Bank of America would have had to refund us the money (over $2500) per their account agreement. By catching the error and putting stop payments on those checks, we prevented this situation from happening. And Bank of America charged us $30 per check for it.

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