Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's almost here

Holy crap, by this time tomorrow I'll be on a plane to Colorado. Three years of trying and now it's less than 24 hours away. Crazy.

So, I was the last one out of the lab three days running (and I do mean *last* as in later than Byungwoo, who is a little too dedicated to science and is usually the last person to leave every day). But, the stupid thing (see post below with bar graph) finally worked with the new control. Jason helped me test the old one, and sure enough there was twice as much of the old "control" in one set of cells as there was in the other. Rawr rawr rawr. But at least we're going to get a short communications paper in JID from all this, yay! And I finally have a gene to work with, yay! I bought Jason a donut to thank him for saving my sanity.

I finished all my poster slides (18) and printed them before I left last night. So I just have to mount them today and then that's all done. I was up pretty late last night doing stuff around the house (laundry, bills, etc) and I still have a ton of stuff to do today too - in addition to the regular pre-trip stuff I have to make two desserts for our pastor's family and make the house presentable enough for Matt McHugh to come stay a couple days next week. I'm planning on making lemon-blueberry pound cake and white chocolate-raspberry mousse cups.

Oh, I picked up my new shoes from payless yesterday. The woman at the counter at the Kentlands store hates her job, I think. I had actually seen the black ones in the store, but it was BOGO sale time and I couldn't find anything else in my size that I liked, so I ordered online. And I can always manage to find a coupon for a couple bucks off too. I really love the new American Eagle line they have now...I've bought 4 pairs of AE shoes already (all flats, coincidently).

Speaking of ordering online, I ordered my dad's birthday presents this week. I ordered them both from, but when I got to the checkout it turned out that one shipped from and one shipped from an merchant, so I couldn't use the order total to qualify for the free "super saver" shipping. Thus, I had to pay two separate shipping charges! Ugh. At least it'll get there on time.

Let's see, nothing much else that I can think of at the head still feels a little fuzzy. I'll be almost guaranteed to have internet while I'm away so I'll try to post some updates this coming week!

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