Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nerd camp

Yeah, so it turns out that there are still places in the US that don't offer complimentary wireless access. Amazoring.

So...28 hours of path lab, 8 lectures, and three poster sessions. I think I learned some stuff. And it was pretty cool as well.

I also went with 40-ish other people for margaritas, hiked most of the way up Snowmass Mountain, went rafting on the Colorado River, saw the Average White Band (!), went to downtown Aspen for mexican food and pool, hot-tubbed and got my groove on on the dance floor. I'd say it was a pretty good week.

EXCEPT for the travel. So, I already wrote about last Sunday and the fallout from my flight time change. Well, I had to fly standby on my flight from Denver to Dulles today as well. I got into Denver right around noon and went to Quiznos with another girl from the same flight. As I'm walking back, sandwich in hand, my 3:31pm flight that, as of 15 minutes ago was leaving from gate B39, is now canceled. I and another guy from the workshop are both supposed to be on that flight, so we go to the United counter to see what's going on (and wait in line for a very long time). They tell us that they can get us to *Philadelphia* today, but the earliest they can officially rebook us to anywhere in the DC area (Dulles, Reagan, or BWI) is tomorrow afternoon. Ugh. So we're on the standby list for two of the next three flights (1:25 and 6:55, there was no way we were going to take the midnight flight). Amazingly we both get on the 1:25 flight. But seriously, this is the first and last time I fly United.

Anyway, I'll get some pictures up tomorrow. I'm still slightly on MST so even though I went to bed reeeeally late last night, I'm still not super tired at the moment.


ted said...

to think i didn't even get a mention in the 'best of aspen' post....geez, what's a guy got to do around here?

sorry to hear about your flight...


Courtney said...

Oh, but you're totally on my Myspace. Twice.

ted said...

clearly i have no idea how myspace works. where should i be clicking to get the dirt (err...on myself)?
Maybe I need a myspace account? This newfangled interweb thing is too much for simple folk such as myself.