Monday, July 09, 2007


Like I said on my Myspace page once, I occasionally have delusions that other people are interested in my life. Especially at 1AM. Well, I was dreading going to work tomorrow and feeling pretty unaccomplished, and not sleeping. So I went to my computer and started looking through my old college papers. I think I wrote some pretty darn good stuff. Aside from my 66-ish credits of biology and chemistry, I accumulated lot of anthropology papers (six classes for my minor), with some history and other humanities thrown in for good measure:

~Giving and Sharing: The !Kung and the Ju/’Hoansi
~Herbal Remedies for Anxiety and Depression
~Malaria: African vs. Western Medicine and Development
~The Meaning of Kinship in African Healing and Health
~A Multi-Cultural Examination of Wedding Ceremonies and Rituals
~Kinship Structure and Its Functions in African Healing Rituals
~Analysis of Ancient Greco-Roman Women’s Cults: Isis and Bona Dea
~Creativity and Stephen King
~Conquest and Collapse: The Imminent Failures of the British Economic System in Africa
~Ideology versus Implementation: An Analysis of Tanzania’s Post-Independence Economic Difficulties
~Symbolism and Functions of Labyrinths in Early Christian Worship
~"God, Gold, and Glory” – Motives of Imperialism
~Chinese Censorship and the Banning of “To Live”
~Medical Ethics: “To Clone or Not To Clone” and Other Questions

No English papers? That's why I took children's lit!

And how much of that body of knowledge do I actually still use? Big fat zero, sparky. Liberal arts education at its finest. Although it might occasionally be useful in Trivial Pursuit.

I think I'll try going to bed again.


kim said...

My Biology term paper for fall semester was titled, exactly, Medical Ethics: To Clone or Not to Clone. :)

I put a picture of Dolly the sheep on the front. :)

Courtney said...

No pics in mine. And mine was written for a philosophy class, not Bio so I bet they probably had different feels :-)