Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They're only keeping me safe from myself

Good grief, you'd think I was trying to buy morphine or something.

I tore a contact lens on Friday. My contact lenses are monthly, so if I went on to the next one in the box I'd be a month behind. So I took the box (with the prescription on it) to the optician today.

Me: Can I order a single, replacement contact lens?
Optician Guy: Sure, do you have your prescription?
Me: (Hands him the lens box)
OG: No, we need your prescription.
Me: Isn't that the prescription on the box?
OG: Yes, but we need the written doctor's prescription.
Me: (blank stare)

So I go to the optometrist, to get a copy of my prescription on file.

Me: Can I get a copy of my current contact lens prescription?
Receptionist: (spells my name wrong, can't find it, finally gets my file via SSN) There's a 48 hour turnaround, do you want to come back and pick it up or have it faxed?
Me: 48 hours for a piece of paper in my file??
Receptionist: Well, we have to go pull it from medical records.
Me: (blank stare)

So now, I won't have my written doctor's prescription and be allowed to order my contact lens until Thursday, and it usually takes 4-5 days for it to come in. Oh, and I'm leaving town Sunday. So I won't actually have the lens until the 23rd.

But at least I'm not ABUSING EYE CORRECTION.


Anonymous said...

How odd! My eye doctor makes a laminated card with my rx on it so that if I need it all I have to do is show the card. Very interesting. Maybe time for a new eye dr???

Sorry you had trouble. My wife is the same way with her contacts.


Courtney said...

What I don't understand is, who are we protecting with this red tape, and what are we protecting them from?

Is it to keep the contact lens junkies from getting a fix? Is it to keep them from stealing contact lenses from legitimate users, which turns them into apparent junkies? What kind of freak goes around buying contact lenses that don't fit them? And is it really so horrible if they do anyways? It doesn't make any sense.