Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm a stuuudent again

Being back at work is a bit discombobulating at the moment...I think it'll take a day or two to adjust.

Up at 5:30am today, ugh. Class from 8-12. I think it'll be interesting, although today was mostly just a review from Grad Pharm. Still helpful though, as I don't really use PK/PD equations on any kind of a regular basis.

I got into another MRI research study! This one pays $60 for three hours total. I'll have another regular MRI next Monday, and then the following Thursday I'll be doing TMS, which stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation...basically they apply a small magnetic pulse to an area of your brain while you're doing various tasks on a computer. Sounds a little weird, but pretty neat too.

Mostly just working on cells this week to get stuff ready for our serendipitous paper experiments. It'll be nice to have another publication...even though my last one was 2006 it was published in January, and I had actually written it in like Sept. '05 so it's really been almost two years.

I don't think I got the AWIS award. I'm still waiting to hear about my online class (24th).

Oh, and we're going to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving. So if anyone has suggestions for things to do in the Albany/Western Mass. area, let me know.

I miss the beach :-(

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