Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Music Store

I am absolutely in love with - it's a music store that a) sells mp3 files, b) costs $0.88 per track, c) pays artists around 2/3 of the purchase price (unlike iTunes, which pays less than 1/10) and d) has a "karma system" that gives you points for browsing/buying, which can be spent on over 64,000 free songs. I found it because I wanted to buy the Lloyd Dobler Effect song "Meet Me In London" through somewhere other than iTunes. After I bought it, I also spent one karma point to get "Better Times" by the Brooks Wood Band - found them through a "similar artists" search for VaCo. Check it get 25 points just for signing up, and one point every day you log in (even without buying anything)!

I also got "That Spells DNA," "Baby Got Back," and "Code Monkey" by Jonathan Coulten (directly though his website).

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