Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spending Money

Seriously, I have been on a tear this month. Between my birthday and getting paid for my research study participation, I've been spending like mad. I ended up with two gift cards, to Kohls and L'Occitane - got the Honey Comfort face mask from the latter and three shirts from the former (waiting for those to come, because they didn't have any of them in the store.) Old Navy purchases are obviously a staple of my life, and I also bought three sweaters from, one of which I had to take back and re-order because the shipping bag said small but the tag on the sweater said large. Obviously someone didn't learn their alphabet. When I picked my order up at the catalog desk, the guy behind the register said "Sweaters? You know it's going to be 98 degrees tomorrow, right?" Luckily I didn't want to wear the one that I had to exchange. Oh, and I *finally* bought the tee shirt with the snow man on it that says "Chill." But I have no idea when I'll actually be getting it, as it's been back-ordered for several weeks. When I looked the week before my birthday, it said "Out of Stock - expected 8/15/07." When I placed the order on the 20th, I think, it still said that. Now it says "due in shortly" but who knows how long that means?

But I really need a real job, because there's still so much stuff I'd like...cocoa therapy from Origins...and pre-ordering the new PostSecret book...and a SBC or Hopkins hoodie sweatshirt...or both...stupid grad school.

Only 121 days until Christmas O:-)

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