Monday, August 20, 2007

Sweet Briar Success!

Pink and green for the win - The Princeton Review named Sweet Briar College #1 for "Most Beautiful Campus." Lest you think it's not true, I will repost this picture from a few years ago of the lake in October:

However, we are not only about the superficial. We were also voted #5 for "Best Career/Job Placement Services." Though I don't see why we're not number one - 92% of graduates have a job or grad school acceptance 6 months after graduation.

Other rankings were #8 for "Professors Make Themselves Accessible," #10 for Professors Get High Marks, #13 for "Class Discussions Encouraged," and inclusion on the Best Southeastern Colleges list. Yay!

You can read selections from the list on MSN and the entire collection of rankings here.

"Sweet Briar College - where you not only can do it all, but you do it while wearing a pink ribbon and pearls."

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