Saturday, August 04, 2007

We're home :-(

Vacation always goes way too fast. I can't wait until we can afford to take two-week vacations (in terms of both time and money). Other than the drive home, it was awesome. I'll get the drive out of the way first. We had lunch in Nags Head and left around 1-ish. As we're coming north into VA, the traffic information sign is flashing its lights. The AM radio report said that the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel out of Norfolk is completely closed, and that the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel has a 3-5 mile backup. Going west seemed like a less than perfect idea, because we would have had to go south to get to 95 and go back north. So looking at the (minimal) map, we decided to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel up to the Delmarva peninsula and pick up Rt. 50 outside of Salisbury.

So we get on Rt. 13 and it's a couple miles to the Bay Bridge Tunnel. As we're coming up to the toll booth, it turns out that there are two things that are not advertised *before* the toll. One is that EZ-Pass is NOT accepted at the toll lanes (I thought it was accepted everywhere on the east coast). The second is that the toll is TWELVE DOLLARS. This is pretty much akin to the Ritz Carlton not taking credit cards. We ended up paying half the toll in quarters.

Ultimately it ended up taking an hour longer to get home, mostly because Rt. 13 was all 35mph and stoplights through a bunch of little towns, and the Bay Bridge into Annapolis was two way traffic and totally backed up going west-bound, even though the east-bound lane had hardly any traffic in it.

Okay, that's done. Now on to the good stuff, and the pictures! Lots of pictures.

We went to the beach on Sunday afternoon, swam a little, put the kite up in the air, and played bocce. Carly and Eric won, but we put up a good fight I thought.

(you can't tell from the picture, but I really am flying a kite...)

(apparently my hubby can juggle?!)

They cooked dinner on Sunday night (tacos and baked potatoes) and we played Scotland Yard, which turned out to be a pretty cool game. Carly and I both took a turn as Mr. X and we both won. Carly managed to get out of a crazy tight spot for the win (that's her in the middle of the three of us closing in):

Matt went to bed a little early, while Carly and Eric and I went out to the hot tub for a while.

We set out on Monday to find an ABC store to get Malibu for the pina coladas. We ended up driving all the way to freaking Nags Head, where we had to stop two places to ask where the store was because we couldn't find anything closer. It turns out there was an ABC store in Buxton, and this is why we couldn't find it:

We also got boogie boards while we were in Nags Head, and Carly went to the Brew Thru to get a t-shirt. By the time we got back, it was practically dinner time, so I made dinner while Carly went out to get straws for drinks. We put the stereo speakers on the deck and ate outside while playing Five Crowns. We made drinks and went out to the hot tub for like two hours, sitting around and talking about college. I was master of the blender.

Tuesday we tried out the boogie boards. I sucked. I got about four waves the entire time; the rest of the time I was just floating. After we showered and got dressed, we went to Hatteras Island to go to the "pirate museum" that my parents had told me about. Quotes are because there weren't any pirates! Apparently it was not a permanent exhibit. All we got were shipwreck excavations, which were alright, but not pirates. Boo. We went over to Carly's parents' house for their awesome seafood boil (shrimp, crabs, clams, corn, sausage) and then took their kayaks out onto the sound. The funny thing was that they only had one two-person kayak, so we took turns on the one-person kayak with the guys paddling and the girls balanced precariously on the front. The real two-person kayak was more funner.

(mmmm, crabs)

(mmm, Old Bay)

Mike and Randi came in late Tuesday night as well.

Wednesday was a busy day, and we didn't even fit in everything we wanted to. Carly, Randi and I went out in the morning looking for more "sports-friendly" bathing suits (read: something without ties that will not fly off in the waves) and ended up having to drive all the way to Rodanthe to find them. We drove up to Roanoke Island after lunch to see Manteo, where the "lost colony" landed in 1580-something (yeah, I was paying attention to the movie...) and walked around the area. We didn't find the lost colony, but we did find their "fort."

Afterwards, we got Carolina barbeque at Jockey's Ribs and then headed over to mini-golf. There was a HUGE wait...after we got our clubs and balls and headed outside, there was a line like 30 people deep. Carly and I tied for first at 44, but Matt beat Eric so Team Silverthorn took the win.

(Eric lines up a shot)

(in front of the pirate ship)

(mini golf makes me pensive...)

We got DQ before we drove back, put off the movie to the next day, and went out to the hot tub when we got home.

Thursday, we went to the beach again. I was a LOT better at boarding today and got a bunch of waves. It was really fun!

(my "saline-otolaryngological immersion" face)

We showered and got dressed up, and went to The Breakwater for a really nice dinner. Carly has the group shot on her camera still, but I have me+Carly and me+Matt.

I got the broiled seafood platter which was totally yummy. We went back to the house to change into something more comfortable and went to see The Simpsons Movie. It was alright. Funny, but I thought it wasn't quite as good as the show (in animation or storyline). Before the movie we did a little bit of shopping, got some gifts for our cat sitters and some more sunscreen. Apparently my Neutrogena sunscreen is awesome on land, but not so hot in the water. So since I was basically on my stomach for two hours in the ocean, I ended up with a fairly crisp outline of my bathing suit on my back. Including the whole "Coppertone baby" thing, if you know what I mean. I think Thursday night was game night...we played Imaginiff and Apples to Apples, which were both HILARIOUS and which Carly won both.

This is kind of an inside joke, but one of the most hysterical moments of the night was in response to this question:

We were perfectly divided between the Pillsbury Doughboy and Grimace, haha:

Friday we hung around the house during the day, and then Mike and Randi made us all dinner - steaks and grilled vegetables. We finally finished the puzzle before dinner, too!

(the final piece...)


We started watching "Thank You For Smoking" but we had pretty much all seen it and were falling asleep so we ended up going to bed.

Other than the drive back, I think that's about it...other than a few more random shots that didn't fit into the story line:

(Matt demonstrates his agility in the stockades outside the mini golf place)

(I've been a baaad, bad girl...)

(23 across: "yellow bellied")

I kept a little list of funny things that people said during the week, so here you go...they might be funny to other people too.

Matt: The rum may be talking, but the eyes are still seeing.

Matt (After I told him something was impossible): You're the one with the PhD, I'm just the guy with the rum.

Matt (to Eric): That's what marriage is all about - surgical strikes.

Matt: Wait, so it's okay to be a transvestite as long as you're married? (in response to Carly's past beach stories)

Me: Scientologists are bizarro Mormons. (I don't remember why...)

Arguing about the word for a pile of rocks:
Matt: I think it's pronounced cairnes.
Me: Whatever, this is America, it's carns.
Matt: It's America, say it in Spanish, cay-err-nes.

Carly's Dad (to Carly): Are you having an existential crisis?
Matt: No, only cavemen are allowed to have those.

Carly: I'm so confused...both doors are closed, apparently? (We were walking out of a restaurant that was *open*)

Carly (talking about a movie?): He was a real donkey, with real...
Me: Problems?

Me: Eric, you haven't said anything funny yet. (on Sunday night)

Carly: Courtney and I can go get OUR food... (I don't remember?)

Eric: What color corresponds with disappointed? (looking at mood rings in the gift shop of the "pirate" museum)

Randi: Oh look, Carly, now your car can have little Mazda babies! (Carly was parking next to another Mazda 3).

Talking about the people in the barbeque restaurant with the family reunion shirts:
Carly: If you're going to spend a lot of money on shirts, do it right.
Me: People spend a lot of money to do a lot of things wrong.
Eric: Like the war in Iraq.

During rummy:
Randi: What happens if you miscall rummy?
Matt: You get punched in the face.
Me: You get your hand chopped off.
Mike: Those are good rules.
Randi: Dummy.
Mike: You miscalled rummy!

After the Mike and Eric lost Set:
Eric: Why don't we go play something we can actually win?
Randi: What, like "chumps in the corner?"
Matt: That's the greatest game ever, only because I'm not playing.

After Randi chose albatross for the bird she would most likely be:
Eric: Umm, an albatross is tall...and you're tall...
Matt: An albatross is a harbinger of death!

Me (giving advice to Eric when deciding between two game choices): Go with your gut, that's where the rum is.

After "vibrating bed" was a choice for most important item in a vacation spot:
Carly: Why on earth would I sleep in a vibrating bed?
Eric: I'll tell you later!!

Eric was losing Imaginiff, but finally got an answer correct:
Eric (while moving his game piece): Blacky not gonna get left behind!
Carly: Didn't Bush try to implement that plan?
Randi: Bush don't like black people!

Me: Carly, are you making the guacamole?
Carly: I'm trying to, but Eric's making me eat his meat! (He had leftover ribs from dinner)

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