Wednesday, August 15, 2007 round-up

Our Lives, Controlled From Someone's Couch - I didn't really understand the reasoning behind this theory. Basically there's a 20% chance that we're all virtual people being controlled by some computer program, a la Second Life?

10 Things You Didn't Know About Karl Rove - I didn't know most of these. Like how Karl Rove doesn't have a college degree. 'Splains a lot, eh?

New passport regulations have netted over $22M in back child support - Because they won't process your application until the debt is paid. Quoted: "'s been amazing to see how people who owe back child support seem to be able to come up with good chunks of money when it involves needing their passport..."

August: Let's get rid of it - Awwww :-( The author says that nothing good ever happens in August, and there's no holidays. That's just because I'm not famous yet. Patience, people.

Martin Klimas - Still-life photography of objects mid-destruction.

Free crabs tonight. 6 more hours of class left. Getting my brain magnetized on Thursday. Party on Saturday (and Sunday?)

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