Saturday, September 29, 2007

Are you ready for some

Cinnabons. I mean, football. I mean, yes.

Matt's taking me to get cinnabon when he gets out of the shower. Or I'm taking him, I'm not sure, since his arms are now defunct due to lifting yesterday. And then football in an hour and a half!

Don't try this at home. But I heard that if you cut off a cat's whiskers, they lose their sense of balance and walk into walls and stuff. The intarwebs could not completely confirm this; I also read that they're used more for judging spaces and not balance, and that they'd be more likely to get stuck in a small space than fall over. But either way...don't try this at home :-)

How the stork *really* got into the baby business.

Video: lazy kitteh - hehehe.

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