Saturday, September 22, 2007

Best 1 point EVAR

Even though I had only put the Georgia-Alabama game at 1 point, that is probably the best 1 point I've ever gotten. I told Matt last night that I was surprised that something like 80% of the college pick'em players chose Alabama, because the game was supposed to pretty much be a coin toss and that several forecasters had picked Georgia for the upset. He pretty much thought that I was crazy and reminded me that "Georgia lost to SOUTH CAROLINA and it's at Alabama...any argument for Georgia is weak." Well, Alabama did manage to tie up the game and the Georgia field goal kicker missed a nail-biter from 47 yards into the wind in the last 3 seconds...he was okay on the length but went too far to the left. But after Alabama kicked a field goal in OT Georgia scored a touchdown on their first overtime possession. Sweet, sweet victory...awww yeah.

So, I don't know what happened to Pittsburgh, and Michigan is being buttfaces by doing the opposite of whatever I pick. I think it's a little unfair we've had to pick their game three weeks in a row. But other than that...Wake Forest did come back to beat Maryland, Kentucky put up a solid win over Arkansas despite being the "line" underdogs, Oklahoma State got in their win despite also being unfavored. And so far everyone else has done what they were supposed to. As long as Wisconsin can hold on to their 4-point lead for another two minutes, this will be my second best week and I'll still be solidly in the lead.

(UPDATE @ 11:45 - still leading my group by 6, back up to 8452 in the rankings for 94.3%. I'm happy.)

The black tie dinner/dance tonight was fun. The only thing was, I was *kicking* myself all night because, while I remembered the camera, I forgot to stick the stupid memory card back into it after I had put it in my computer a little earlier in the day. GRRR. Oh, and the "bartenders" were not really bartenders, I think. I asked one for a whiskey sour and she asked me how to make it. Ummm...I'd start with some *whiskey* and then maybe add some *sour mix* but that's just me. Apparently the same thing happened to David (Courtney Gleason's hubby) when he asked for some crazy concoction called a "vodka tonic." Ridiculous.

Headed home in the morning...can't wait to be back here in just under 9 months for five-year reunion!!

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