Friday, September 28, 2007


I am super glad that I bought this coat and this dress when I did, because they're both out of my size now. Carpe Diem, eh? I was also amazed that a sweater that I wanted, that was completely sold out, came back in stock just in my size. And my snowman t-shirt finally shipped. They were kind enough to not give me a tracking number, so as not to spoil the suspense. I'm totally being sarcastic there.

I am not doing *anything* this weekend but relaxing. And watching lots of college football. Matt wrote on his poker blog today: "We don't really have any big plans, so I will most likely be playing some poker and watching some football. Sounds like a good time to me, especially since my wife likes watching football too. Yes, you read that right. I'm pretty much one of the luckiest guys out there. I'm married to a woman who arguably likes college football more than I do. How awesome is that?" Hehehe. He's probably right.

The preliminary estimate I got from the Ford service center was $4900 in damages. Woooo-wee. At least they said they were pretty sure they were going to be repairing the car, though I've not had confirmation from either them or Nationwide on that yet. I'll have to call on Monday.

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