Saturday, September 15, 2007

I <3 college football

Even when it doesn't <3 me. Although I have moved up in the ESPN rankings so far; I'm currently ranked 3540 with 97.5% correct. But I've been let down by Louisville, and I think I'm about to be let down by Georgia Tech as well (for a total of 15 points there). It doesn't matter in my group as much since we all picked L and GT, but I like to do well overall too (being a *girl* and everything). I'm not too concerned about the 3 points for Nebraska and Notre Dame. Man, the sports commentators have been *nasty* to ND today. Nebraska looked good at the beginning but I guess they kind of fell apart after a while. And I just couldn't pick Michigan, on principle. I hope we don't have to pick any more of their games. And what's this I just heard, Duke won a game for the first time in two years?? Something is truly wrong with the universe.

But in terms of points it looks like I'm going to do even worse than last week, and last week was pretty lousy :-(

UPDATE - WOW that was disgusting. I'm still leading my team (even though I came in 4th for this week - only 4 correct picks) but I've dropped to 22,410 on ESPN. I don't think I was ever this low last year :-( Damn you Louisville, Georgia Tech, BYU and Colorado!!! Three of you should NOT have lost.

Other randomness follows.

I luuuuuuurve the Origins Cocoa Therapy, which I tried out for the first time tonight! They smell so yummy.

I did my monthly Let's Dish today - shrimp scampi, rosemary steaks, pasta purses with garlic bread, southern crispy chicken with ranch potato chips, prosciutto-wrapped chicken and bruchetta chicken. Yum. Luckily I decided to make my appointment for 1:30 today, because I didn't get up until noon!

We have to start getting up earlier on Sundays because my sunday school class has started up again. This time we're doing "Really Bad Girls of the Bible."

Less than one week until SBC Homecoming!!

Uhhh...I think that's it. Happy Caturday :-)

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