Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meh, who cares about science anyways?

My response, when hearing about how parents of autistic children are continuing to file lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers despite MANY studies showing that there is no correlation. A legal expert, about how taking the cases to civil courts (instead of through the VICP) may be beneficial to the parents' cause: "Experience tells us that jurors don't trust or necessarily understand science and they are likely to make a decision completely independent of it." Nice.

Also quoted from the article: "But the impaired social and communication skills associated with this condition tend to manifest themselves between 1 and 3 years of age—the same time during which most childhood vaccines are administered. For many parents whose children developed the devastating neurological condition shortly after receiving their shots, the link seems clear—no evidence is more powerful than their personal experience." Yeah, and I can think of a million other things that also happen between ages 1-3. Like walking. Yeah - walking causes autism...nearly every autistic child learned to walk around the time period that their disorder began to manifest! I'm going to sue now. How dare my parents risk my life like that, just to fulfill their rabid quest to make me bipedal-ly mobile?

Apparently there are cops out there who actually do their jobs, and write other cops tickets for moving violations. And apparently those cops are whiny enough to start a website to whine about the "jerks" that do their job correctly.

In Oregon, the Udink family was ordered to return their personalized license plates (with their name on it) on the basis that it was a sexual reference and/or a Vietnamese racial slur. How silly of all us Double Income, No Kids folks that have been referring to ourselves using a catchy acronym for years.

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