Sunday, September 09, 2007



Damn upsets. The highest score in my group this week was a 39/55 (I got 38). But the stupid Auburn game dropped me from 99.1% to 93.2%. What in the world was the stupid coach thinking, running out the clock to force the overtime instead of running a play or two in the last 30-ish seconds to get the field goal kicker, who hadn't missed a kick and had a career best of 49 yards in this game, close enough to seal the lead??

I guess I can take a little comfort in the fact that the average points for this week was 16.7, and the best was only 40 - holy crap. *Okay, for some reason the individual totals updated last night and the averages didn't. Lame. The average was 31.4, and at least 7 people did manage to pick all 10 games correctly...including one person who also had a perfect week last week.*

Auburn, Georgia, Michigan, Washington, and yes, VT all = lamers this week. Sigh. Hopefully next week will be better :-(

I need a shower.

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