Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So close to success?

So...the additional charge was from the increase in medical/dental insurance payments that went into effect July 1st. Except all the graduate students were paid through August 31st. And the B.O. didn't let *anyone* know that there was an increase in premiums.

So. Premium increase paid Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I check my student account - $0.00 balance, account is listed in current standing, AND THE HOLD IS STILL THERE. Incredible. After all that I STILL had to call the B.O. and tell them "I don't have a balance, my account is current, get rid of this hold."

Finally, I was able to go to the registrar's office (in person this time) and have them resubmit the paperwork to the other division. So, I've done everything I can do on my end, and now I'm just waiting and hoping that AAP processes it.

Grand total: 36 e-mails, 7 phone calls, one office visit, 5 business days. The woman I called about getting temporary course access never got back to me either. Ugh.

Cross your fingers...

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