Friday, September 21, 2007

Sweet Briar!

Yaaaay, I'm here! And I have wireless internet access, w00t! So the drive was uneventful. The Nationwide agent called around 10am to let me know that they would be covering the rental car from yesterday onward, so I don't have to worry about that. We'll have the car over to the shop on Monday. Now we just have to focus on the magic number, which is 6880. That is, dollars of damage at which the car will be declared totaled. I'm really hoping we don't have to go there...

I was able to find someone from my class fairly early on in the day (Courtney Yerdon Gleason) so we've mostly been hanging out together. Went to the "Sweet Briar Today" presentation with all the college updates and such (so I have the most up-to-date accolades when I go to college fairs) and then to the Founder's Day convocation and ceremony. We stopped at the bookstore in between, and I got a license plate frame (for when my car gets back from the shop) and a T-shirt that says "There's nothing like a Sweet Briar girl" - cute! And of course pink and green, nach.

I got to catch up a bit with Jill, my former academic adviser before dinner, which was nice. And my biology professor, Dr. Davies. It's funny how you end up on a first name basis with some professors and not others.

There's a networking event at 9 and then I'm done for tonight...back to the hotel to work on my class posts and maybe do a little catch-up reading - I got two of my three textbooks in this week.

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