Thursday, September 20, 2007

The week is over

For me anyways. I got the rental car today, but only because I went to Enterprise myself and handled it. Nationwide wasn't able to get in touch with the guy until Wednesday (!!) and then only contacted me at our home number, so I didn't get the message until almost 9pm Wednesday night. Note that I did ask to be contacted on my cell phone during business hours when I initially filed the claim. So then I tried calling the claim agent back all day, but he was out of the office. I finally got in touch with him at like 6pm, after I had already gotten the rental from Enterprise. He said that he'd try to get the rental covered from today but that he couldn't guarantee anything. What annoys me about all this is that my car should have been at a body shop two days ago and this shouldn't even be an issue.

In the end though, I think I'd rather pay the $25 a day to drive a car that I know to be structurally sound rather than one that's been declared "driveable" by someone who hasn't ever even looked at it. At most I'll be out $75 or so, since my car will be at the dealership by Monday morning.

But the whole thing is a hassle. I even had to give a recorded statement over the phone today, and I won't hear that the company has accepted liability for the accident until sometime tomorrow when the claims agent gets it authorized by his manager. Does Maryland not have the blanket rear-ending law anymore? I'm pretty sure they did in 2004.

Anyway, I'm headed back to the Briar tomorrow morning, for homecoming weekend. Should be good times. May or may not have internet access at the hotel. Either way, have a good weekend, and I'll leave you with a much happier picture than the ones posted below: Max helping Matt play computer games:

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