Friday, October 05, 2007

Football picks!

Did my research, got my picks in. They were HARD this week - a lot of seemingly evenly matched teams - only 2 teams out of 20 had lost more than one game, only 5 teams out of 20 unranked. But with how crazy this season has been going, who knows? I went against the crowd on three of my picks: VT, Kansas, and Cincinnati. I just can't pick against VT in a game that I'm able to makes it no fun. I'm willing to potentially sacrifice one point to be able to whole-heartedly root for them.

I know Eric says that research is bunk and says that "my theory is that anyone who's predicting games correctly must not know anything about college football." But remind me again who's currently winning? :-) I'm currently checking 6 sites weekly - AccuScore, Fearless Predictions,, MSN, College Football News staff picks (7) and Fox Sports Head-To-Head matchups. I do try to take rankings and home field advantage into account as well. I need a good week - I've had two weeks of only 29 points (that's less than 2 points over 50%).

Okay, I'm beat for the night. I worked back-to-back 10-hour days, ugh. Grad school has been like running marathons on a treadmill. You expend tons of effort, but when you're done you're still in the same place that you started. Someone needs to start pushing my treadmill forward for me!

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